I am the photographer for creative + vibrant humans excited to do life on their own terms.  It brings me so much joy to work with people who walk through life to the beat of their own drum.  

Brides who aren't afraid to hike a mountain in their wedding duds, get a little dirt on the hem of that stunning gown, and hold her love tight against the wind.  Families who dog-pile in the living room and  start epic tickle  wars.  Couples with that spark in their eyes for one another, who can't keep their hands off one another and whisper silly, naughty things into each other's ears.  Seniors who are so ready to take the world by storm, with dreams and passions that they can't wait to manifest.  

I’m not about stiff and awkward poses.  I'm sure you don't like looking (or feeling) stiff and awkward, and I don't like taking those pictures. I’m here to capture your genuine, silly, sarcastic, fun, and one-of-a-kind love.  I am for the folks who cherish these memories and the people in them, and love reliving those moments through the images we create together for years, decades, and generations to come.  Photos that you look at and remember the exact feeling you had in that moment.  Quiet moments, big moments, soft moments, loud moments, moments that give you butterflies all over again.  Let's tell your story.

this is my passion

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> I'm slightly obsessed with early 70's Winnebago Brave RVs.
> I'm married to an incredible guy named Dan.  He has an epic beard.
> We have a 3 year old fluffy Corgi pup named Dusty.
> I run a lifestyle blog called Delightfully Tacky and have for 8 years.
> I love black coffee and whisky gingers.  Not at the same time.  

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