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I've been in the "influencer" game since long before the term even existed. Back when you had to describe to people what "I'm a blogger" meant and they still didn't get it.  I love partnering with brands who have amazing products and an amazing business. What does that mean to me? Beyond having a great product for me to share with my community who trusts me and my opinion, I also value brands who empower women and BIPOC, and who pay the influencers who work with them for their value as an advertising partner.  This also means making sure that BIPOC influencers are regularly included in your influencer marketing -- and that you pay them fairly.  I also like to see BIPOC members of your team and diverse folks depicted in your social media imagery.  Obviously every single one of these things won't be possible in every single instance, some businesses are super small one-woman-show situations and so you won't have a "team," or maybe your social media doesn't depict people in your images so diversity there isn't really a thing.  But you catch my drift. 

Other values that I hold for brand partnerships:
- I need to be able to use my own voice and share my own opinions on the product. 
- I will clearly depict #ad or #sponsored in the caption on any sponsored static posts, and preface any sponsored IG stories with an "Ad Break" frame.

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