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All online via zoom, this 1 hour session is for those who just need somewhere to start. Maybe you're DIY-minded, but need some feedback on your ideas, or aren't sure about a furniture layout and want to get a second opinion.  If you've been tired of your MIL giving her opinion and want an objective, professional, third party to weigh in and give you clarity and direction, this is for you!

All online, this package is for those who are confident in their ability to bring everything together themselves, with guidance from me via a custom design packet complete with moodboard, layout, digital mockup, shopping list, and instructions/tips for transforming your space. If you're not local to the Seattle/Tacoma area but still looking to work with me, this is for you!

You're at "Jesus take the Wheel" status with your space. You just cannot. Which is perfect! Because I can. I handle everything from measuring your space, designing, purchasing furniture + decor, and installing and styling everything by hand. Plus, when you leave the purchasing to me, you get access to insider trade pricing on some of the best brands out there. Sit back, relax, and watch your home come to life.

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Itching to get started transforming the space you've been annoyed by for months? Download my free "Weekend Update" e-book and take on that project!

Liz's incredible eye for color and design has helped me so much while I re-do my house. I was at a loss while organizing my decor, her suggestions and ideas were the missing piece that finally made my house and decor all come together, while maintaining my own style. I'm so thankful for her creative and artistic eye.  My home now feels and looks the way I've always hoped it would!



about me

design has been my obsession from day 1

Literally.I was conceived in celebration of a kitchen remodel completion, I kid you not. interiors are in my blood. Creating spaces that feel amazing is what I wake up craving to do. Chances are if we're friends, I've already mentally renovated your house.

I love taking my passions and skills and helping others create homes that are beautiful, functional, and feel amazing to live in.

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Yeah, this is an interior design firm, but hey, creativity doesn't like constraints. I'm a designer and an artist who loves making fun things, even if it's not a kitchen or bathroom.

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