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Here's the thing. I wholeheartedly believe that creating a home you love  is one of the most valuable investment you'll make. You spend the majority of your life in your home and it can be a place that inspires you, fuels your creativity, and brings you joy, or it can be a place that grates on you, frustrates you, and leaves you feeling drained.

I've always loved creating spaces that *feel * amazing to me, and that doesn't necessarily always fit the mold of what's trendy, or what's blowing up on Pinterest and instagram.  This is YOUR home, it should be designed in a way that fits your life, your family, and your aesthetic. 

So let's chat.  Get to know each other.  After clicking around my internet world, you probably know a bit about me, so now let me hear a bit about you!

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Need help deciding what color to paint your exterior? Should you take out that wall between the kitchen and dining? Wallpaper... yes or no? So many choices! Let me help. 

Can't get your space to feel how you want? I'll help you pick and place those perfect pieces that will elevate your home and make it feel fresh, modern, and comfortable.

Not local to the Seattle/Tacoma area but want some help with your space? God bless the internet, I can help you too! We'll create a plan of action for you complete with mock-ups, shopping lists, and to-do lists to get your project rolling.


Tell me all about your dreams for your space, and about you!





What project/room do you want to tackle?

what do you need help with most?

Step one: make contact! Stop waiting around wishing your space matched your dreams and let's move in the direction of making it a reality!

Go ahead and fill out this little form, click "send" and we'll be on our way to getting that home of yours feeling *100 emoji*

Talk soon!
- Liz

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