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You might be tempted to skip or skim this section (it's wordy) , but stick with me.
If you want just another vendor to show up, do a job, and go home, I'm probably not your girl.  If you're looking for perfectly posed portraits and have a pinterest board of "must have" shots, I just know there's a photographer out there for you who will be a better fit for you and give you just what you want.  You deserve to get what you want on your wedding day, especially since you're sinking a chunk of your hard-earned money into this investment.  

Here's the thing. I wholeheartedly believe that photography is the most valuable investment you'll make on your wedding day.  Other than your marriage, the only thing that will become more valuable over time is the images you have to remember those moments of the day you joined your lives forever.  They are images your kids will look at.  Your grandkids.  I know because I cherish my parents' and grandparents' wedding photos, and I bet you cherish yours' too.

By the end of every wedding , I truly feel like a member of  each couples' family.  Or at least an honorary bridesmaid. Capturing the genuine, raw emotions can be difficult as a stranger, which is why I want to be more than a stranger to you.  I want to be more than some rando who shows up with a couple cameras, and not because I have a creepy need to be BFFs with every one I shoot, it's because I know that when I have a relationship with the person I'm photographing, those images turn out 10x better.  

So let's chat.  Get to know each other.  After clicking around my internet world, you probably know a bit about me, so now let me hear a bit about you!

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I loved how easy the whole experience was, I didn't feel stressed or awkward about taking photos, instead it was really relaxing and fun!  The photos looked really natural, and that was very important for me. Looking back I can remember what I was feeling at the time. You captured our emotions perfectly.

- Stephanie + Alex






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I love getting to know the people I photograph, and let me tell you, it makes it so much easier to capture your authentic selves when I know you better!  Having your photo taken by a friend is way more fun than having your photo taken by a stranger who calls you "client."  So drop me a line, tell me about yourself, what's your vision for your photo session or wedding?  Let's make it happen.  Got questions?  I got answers. 



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I want to hear about you!  How'd you meet?  What's your story?  What weird things are you obsessed with?  What do you guys do for fun/work?  I want to hear it all.  And if you've got questions, pop those in here too.  I can't wait to chat with you!

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I want to hear about you! How'd you meet? What's your story? What weird things are you obsessed with? What do you guys do for fun/work? I want to hear it all. And if you've got questions, pop those in here too. I can't wait to chat with you!






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