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On any given day you'll  find me working on home renovation projects and DIY's, helping clients create and style their dream home . . .  in between chasing a kiddo and puppy around all day.

I believe that creating a home that fosters that creativity and joy is important work and I love being able to do that for my design clients who trust me to help them transform their houses into beautiful, intentional homes. 

I believe in living life with passion + creativity, manifesting your dream life, and giving thanks for the the beauty life gives us on a daily basis.

My background, educationally, is in fine art: printmaking and graphic design specifically. After college I ended up becoming a full time style blogger, then a full time wedding photographer, and then a full time mom. But in the background of all that, since I was a kid, I've been renovating houses. From working beside my dad learning to swing a hammer on the second story roof of my childhood house, to transforming my first house into a bohemian dream home, and taking on a nasty ol' house we're flipping into an eclectic abode. It's in my blood and bones, and I love being able to bring a vision to reality.

We call Tacoma, Washington home, "we" being Dan, my husband, Kiska, our Corgi pup, and a small human who is hilarious and a great dancer. His name is Jack. We live in fixer upper (surprise, surprise) that we're making into a home. 



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I've been blogging since 2008, and while the blog has gone through plenty of "eras" (from personal style/fashion blog to lifestyle blog), it currently focuses on Interior Design and DIY content with room tours, before/afters, and DIY tutorials.

The Ride or DIY podcast is all about badass women taking the DIY home renovation space by storm. Join me for conversations with women who are out there DIYing their asses off, and flipping the tables of the hardware store boys’ club.  They’re a new breed of homemaker, they’re home makers

Join me over on Instagram for real-time DIY action, plus recurring IGTV episodes, like my #ToolsdayTuesday series introducing tools and how to use them, and my Home School series sharing home maintenance tips and knowledge!

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